The £450 Office Plant that Unlocked Productivity

The £450 Office Plant that Unlocked Productivity

It was the moment when a client discovered that they were spending £450 per year to rent floor space for a solitary office plant, which sparked a conversation with us. Whilst they knew instinctively that it wasn’t the best use of space, there had previously been little enthusiasm for doing much about it.

It is surprising how the inoffensive office plants of this world can become symbolic of months or even years of inertia when it comes to changing our working habits – particularly in workplaces which, in the vast majority of cases, accommodate a diversity of teams and individuals with differing priorities and ways of working.

Given the size of the plant and cost per square foot of office rental, it was actually very simple to calculate the £450 cost for our client. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until the client took a hard look at their office, with our input, that it became apparent that real financial and productivity benefits could be achieved by systematically reviewing and redesigning their use of space.

The benefits vary of course; from the opportunity to relocate to a smaller office, while introducing practical methods to support more flexible or home working.

To working smarter, unlocking productivity benefits while accommodating a growing staff at an existing location – avoiding the cost and hassle of an office move.  

The science of workspace optimisation goes beyond focusing just on staff to workspace ratios; to include circulation and communal space as well as break out areas, meeting rooms and so on. Lighting, ventilation and acoustics are also key to an optimal work space which maximises performance and staff productivity.  

On the subject of office plants, it’s surprising how attached to familiar features people can become, even slightly tired attempts to green a working environment. At Logic PM we are certainly advocates for introducing colour and greenery but there is a balance to be struck and design thinking to be applied - whether your goal is a functional or statement look.

Whatever the financial or operational imperatives for your facilities, an independent project manager skilled in workspace optimisation should bring the necessary challenge as well as the insight, creativity and design skills to steer you through the transition to a new, optimal working environment. Call us on 0203 397 7444 or 01622 535505 for a free and informal discussion to find out more or complete the enquiry form below.