We offer services across the UK from our central office in London. We formulate and execute strategies for construction and interior projects by implementing tested procedures for successful delivery. We undertake pre-contract programme development and monitoring, logistics planning and the management of construction delivery and close out.

We are able to offer professional consultancy services on all aspects of construction as well as a range of project management services to ensure that your project is completed to plan. Contact us to find out more about any of our services or to arrange a meeting with us.

Project Management
At Logic PM our primary focus is successful project delivery, which we achieve by ensuring our systems align with your requirements. Our process documents are flexible enough to adapt to the needs of your business and our skilled team of chartered project managers, builders and surveyors will guide you through every aspect of the works.
Employers Agent
As a chartered project management practice, Logic PM is able to offer Employers Agent services to clients. Our Employers Agent function is generally delivered through design and build construction contracts.
Office Refurbishment
Office Refurbishment services from Logic PM offer your business all the benefits of a new office without the expense or hassle of sourcing and moving to new premises. An office refurbishment project can help give your business more space to grow, allow you to modernise your technology and update your look.
Office Fit-Out
Office fit-out relates to the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation and is separate from structural work relating to the building fabric.
Workspace Optimisation
Workspace Optimisation is about making your space work better for you. If you have a business plan about your growth or future development then this service will prove useful to you.
Office Move and Relocation
We have extensive experience in the management of office and staff relocation. If you are looking to increase workstations within an existing office space, our feasibility studies examine the working dynamics of your office and offer solutions based on your specific business needs.
Forensic Planning
The forensic planning service from Logic PM enables clients to understand delays that occurred during a construction programme period and evaluates whether those delays were foreseeable and avoidable. Forensic planning can also be used to assess how much of an influence the delays may have had on the overall cost and timescale of a project.
We act for companies and stakeholders within the public and private sector. We have specialist experience in commercial interiors, pharmaceutical laboratories, NHS and private healthcare spaces, retail and leisure sector and education.
Guiding Clients Through Construction
As Chartered Project Managers one of our key duties is guiding clients through the stressful journey often associated with construction. Whether you are an individual building your dream home or a national business with an ambitious growth strategy, construction can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming experience.
3D Programme Visualisation
3D programme visualisation brings a project to life through the creation of an animated 3-D model. This model visually demonstrates the key steps of the works required for a particular construction project.
Projects Managed through Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Using this technology is a new experience for a large percentage of the construction industry. Implementing a project using Building Information Modelling is a challenging process we are able to achieve.
Measured Surveys
Measured surveys determine the precise dimensions and configuration of a building, represented at a reduced scale. Understanding the space available to work with is clearly a vital starting point for any project, prior to undertaking any design or construction works.
Project Responsibility
Through our network of experts and the associated supply chain, we can appoint and lead all members of the project team. We act in your best interest at all times and can undertake the management of the design, cost and financial project planning as well as health and safety responsibilities.
Programme Development and Management
Setting the project strategy is critical to project success. Our project managers are all experienced in construction planning processes to create a coherent and achievable plan from the outset. We deliver pre-construction planning, project monitoring and close out strategies in a simple and effective visual format. Using industry specific software we provide continuous monitoring and resolutions
Disaster Recovery Planning
Planning for business continuation in the event of a disaster is something we have vast experience in. We understand the importance of business continuation in these unforeseen circumstances and can create Disaster Recovery and Business Continuation Plans tailored for today's IT-reliant organisations.
Capable management and strong team leadership is without doubt a key role in the development and execution of a project strategy. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will take overall control of all aspects of the works to ensure successful delivery. Our hands on approach focuses on the logistics and project strategy and ensures that no stone is left unturned in the design, contract works and h
Our project logistic plans visually demonstrate how the works can be undertaken. Developing logistic plans allow all project stakeholders to understand exactly how the works will be executed at each stage. Focusing on an efficient use of resources through effective logistics planning can create financial saving opportunities which reduce project costs and aid timely delivery.
Project Monitoring
Project monitoring is a process used to protect the client’s interests from risk in a project that is not under their direct control. A project monitor does not take on the responsibilities of the project manager or contractor. Instead, they act as an investigator and advisor to the client with their main purpose being to protect the client’s interests as the development proceeds.