Programme Visualisation

3D Programme Visualisation

3D programme visualisation brings a project to life through the creation of an animated 3-D model. This model visually demonstrates the key steps of the works required for a particular construction project. This can be extremely useful for both the client and the construction team because it allows them to see the construction programme develop in a clear and easy to follow manner.

An easily understood and accurate 3-D programme is a huge asset to a construction project as it highlights what works need to be completed, when and where in the building. This aids communication and ultimately enables the project to flow more easily.

Here at Logic PM, we are committed to making construction projects easier and stress-free. We believe that programme visualisation is a great tool in making construction a more transparent, easier to understand process for all parties involved.

If you have an upcoming project that may benefit from 3D programme visualisation or simply want to explore the options available, we would be happy to discuss how we can help. To get in touch, please email [email protected] or call us on 0203 397 7444.