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Construction Industry Remains Strong for 2017
You could be forgiven for thinking that it is all doom and gloom for the UK construction industry at the moment. Stark headlines about industry growth slowing to its lowest point in 6 years seem to be
Project Management for Self Build - A Video Introduction
This short video gives an introduction to working with a Project Manager on your upcoming self-build project.
Duties as Client Under CDM - Your Guide
The CDM Regulations 2015 are in place to ensure that all construction work is carried out safely. Click to read our free guide to your duties as client under CDM.
Guiding You Through Construction Whiteboard Video
We are pleased to introduce our new whiteboard video which explains how we guide our clients safely and successfully through their construction projects. This 7 step video outlines elements such as he
Maidstone Swimming Club Sponsorship
Logic PM is delighted to sponsor the Maidstone Swimming Club. With our main office located in the heart of Maidstone, we are proud to contribute to local sports teams and charitable projects.
Our Predictions for the UK Construction and Interiors Industry in 2017
2016 was widely viewed as a positive period of time for the UK construction industry. So what lies ahead for 2017?
Government Confirms Commitment to Growing the Self Build and Custom Homes Sector
The current Government laid out plans within their election manifesto to double the number of self build and custom homes to 20,000 homes by 2020. However, in recent discussions with the National Cust
Whiteboard Video: Working with a Project Manager
This short whiteboard video explains what a project manager can bring to your construction project and the benefits of working with one.
Rocking at RHDR End of the Line Cafe
Legendary rock star Roger Daltrey CBE and fellow railway enthusiast, Sir William McAlpine, opened the End of the Line cafe at Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway last month.
A Guide to Managing your Self-Build Project
We have compiled a simple guide that will help you select the best project management for your self-build and provide useful information on things to consider.